Is Medicine Evolving?

A Healer's memory from the past.

I am simply known as ‘healer’. People, in my and the surrounding villages, call on me for a variety of ailments. Daily I walk the hedgerows gathering flowers, barks and roots to make my lotions, potions and tinctures. I return to my kitchen to brew, grind and whisper the incantations to infuse the medicines with the intention of good health.

I help people with pain of the body, mind or soul sometimes all there if someone is deeply harmed. Often a broken heart from an unhealed injury or bad relationship can not be mended without compassion and regular infusions of healing. The grief of a life that was might drive some to take to their beds and this can often lead to difficulties in them getting back up.

Together we stop excessive inflammation from spreading and turning in on itself with the bark of willow to cool the heat and the leaves of valerian to soothe demons in the mind. Finishing with milk of the poppy to quieten the noise of pain.

We know of the way pain burrows deep, determined to stay put, and without correct measures can take hold as a permanent lodger. 

Mistress Smith and I chat and while sipping our mead imagining the future. “I predict,” I muse, “There will come a time when medicines are made from substances unknown in nature. Men will tell us what is best and the money makers will corner the market.”

“What of us and our healing ways?” She always asked.

“We will be on the outer edges of society used as a last resort when all has failed.” I always reply.

Our conversation continues that in the future individuals will not be allowed to decide for themselves what might work best with the harmony of their personality and the rhythms of nature. Instead they will be told to accept it and try (and maybe even die) smiling as, without help, uncontrollable pain followed by death will most likely occur.

While the medicine men ply their trade there might come a time when balance is close but then the lawmakers get involved and they only like the unnatural substances. They do not like nature’s supply. From more knowledge grows more ignorance.

They will be cross that some people are seeking out medicines for reasons they do not approve of so to stop that no-one will be allowed and those who try to help will be punished so much so that everyone will suffer.

What of the natural medicines we wonder? They would be the ones deemed bad because the understanding of nature’s lore is forgotten. We move on to discuss the benefits of chatting, sharing and helping each other while knowing that lonely souls will be excluded, forgotten, ignored.

As we reach the bottom of the jug we laugh in delight at our ripe imaginations.


Thank you for being here x

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