Bespoke Hypnotic Meditation

The positive aspects and health benefits of meditation, self-hypnosis and mindfulness are well known. 

However, how do you do it? 
Clients often say to me, “I haven’t got any time to learn how-to. My thoughts are always too busy. My head is full of rubbish. My inner voice will not shut up. Ever. I just can't do it”. 

Have you had a go at self-hypnosis and not quite reached where you wish to be? Was meditating a passing thought?
By making use of your innate abilities combined with your bespoke recording you can experience the delicious state of being that hypnotic meditation brings about.

You have already experienced trances in everyday life. Think of times you have been doing something repetitive or during a journey or even in a situation with someone who was a bit boring. You ‘zone’ out, drift off, your focus is elsewhere. It is the same when you are absorbed in a book or film or listening to music.

No-one really knows how someone else feels when they are in hypnosis or meditation. In a similar way one person’s terror can be another’s thrill; bungee jumping, scuba diving or spider handling for example. The experience of trance or a meditative state is therefore personal to you. There is no right or wrong.

A personalised recording is an excellent investment in yourself; your health, well-being and self-care.​ 

After you have booked and paid we will have a Googlemeet to discuss your wishes.

I will then create your bespoke recording of approximately 15/20 minutes duration with binaural-wave-music. I have a selection of tracks and will select the appropriate one for your needs. 
Your recording is created and engineered in a professional studio.

Q. I find it hard to relax. Will this help?
A. Depth of relaxation is personal - you will relax as much or as deeply as you choose.
Q. I am a fidget, does that matter?
A. No, if you desire stillness you may need to practice and frequent listening to your hypnotic meditation will help. 
Q. What kind of therapy is this?
A. It is not therapy. However, because your session and recording are tailor-made, I will include affirmations created for you.
Q - Is hypnosis the same as meditation?
A - There are similarities: hypnosis is more focussed than meditation and enables you to interact with your subconscious usually for a specific reason. Using a combination covers all bases.

Q - What if I do not like your voice?
A - 😱 - please visit the 'voiceover' page to check or get the free ABC123

Q - How much is it?
A - The total is £195 - includes pre-recording chat, your personalised audio, the transcript and the music as a separate file.

Q - How do I proceed?
​A - Please click here to go to my calendar


People saying lovely things

  • You are AMAZING!!  I am LOVING the self-hypnosis mp3s you created, LD
  • Life-changing, PE
  • I can take your voice everywhere now, SH
  • Everyone should get their own recording. My sleep has never been better, PP


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