Single Session Pain Management

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Pain in any form can be debilitating, frustrating, anger making, and scary. Sometimes all at once. You may also feel alone and misunderstood. Hypno-coaching addresses the difficulties of living with chronic/persistent pain.

I have lived with and managed intractable pain because I have scoliosis plus an ileo-transverse pseudarthrosis (often called Bertolotti) combined with sacroiliac issues from an out-of-line pelvis. During surgery to stabilise my sacroiliac joints, the surgeon pushed a surgical screw into my L5 nerve root (you couldn't make it up). This left me disabled with foot drop, neuropathy, spinal arthritis, and a variety of other issues.

Using the techniques that I share with clients, I am able to have a full-ish life as an ambulatory wheelchair user.

From Pain into Comfort What a strange effect words can have, especially the word "pain." Just the word can almost make you hurt, and if you already are, it can make it worse. However, I do not suggest we ignore the word or pretend it doesn't exist. The reality is that it does, it is real, and we must manage with what we have.

One of the most annoying things about pain is that it fills your thoughts. If you are suffering with chronic pain, it takes over everything you do because you have to think about the effect it might have on you: if you'll hurt more or if you are unable to participate in something. It is hard to be spontaneous when you are hurting.

Another difficulty can be that if you haven’t got an obvious injury or disability it can be difficult for people you associate with to understand how debilitating it can be. And if they see you smile on one day, they tend to assume that all is well.

How can this single session help?

You might have goals, ideas, frustrations, confusion, and just want a sense of direction while managing (your condition/s or limitations) with a workable plan. It may be that you are in the midst of grief of your expected life. Or, you are unsure of what you really want, you just know you'd like something different or to manage better.

You might not want to talk to your family or friends because you feel embarrassed or that you are burdening them, or they have their own stuff going on. Maybe you have no-one to talk to about the personal experiences and feelings that are bubbling inside you.

Whatever you are experiencing is ok, and I am here to listen, gently guide, and help you.

Working with me enables you to clear the emotional clutter and debris to bring about swift, permanent results. You decide what you want; free your mind and design an inner template for you to achieve it with ease and grace.

However, one-off sessions may not be the right fit for everyone. Only you can decide if the idea of a one-session resolution is pleasing to you. If you are not excited by the idea, then it is not for you.

This session is for anyone seeking or wishing for more or different in their life. I have 31 years experience as a therapist/coach, and I would love to help you make changes for you to enjoy life more.

This is about you, your needs, your choices, your desires.


Q - Why do you combine hypnotherapy with coaching?
A - The combo ensures we work through whatever is necessary for you to live your best life. 

Q - Where is the session?
A - You will be wherever you are comfortable as we meet 'remotely' through Google Chat.

Q - I suffer with anxiety and often have trouble coping. Can you help?
A - I will share techniques to instantly be used and be 'there' for you. 

Q - Do I need to inform my doctor? 
A - If you are receiving treatment your doctor should be informed as a matter of courtesy either by you or me. Even if you are not in treatment you are welcome to let your primary carer know or, if you prefer, I am happy to send a letter. 

Q - Do you accept medical insurance payments?
A - If your Primary Carer or Consultant wishes to refer to me it is your responsibility to check the protocol of your insurance company. If you wish to self-refer you might be able to claim back your payment. I am happy to supply a paid invoice. 

Please note: I do not diagnose or prescribe. 

Clients say:

It was so good I became a hypnotherapist myself, JH

Still wondering how it works but pleased it does, JJ

Extraordinary. It is like Barbara knows my head and heart inside-out, PB

Many tried, many failed but she got me, AM

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