Single Session Therapy

Are ready for a change
Are unsure of your path
Wish to get your ducks in a row
Have specific issue
Want a life-audit
Want to start afresh

These are some examples of reasons to book a single session with me. 

You might have goals, ideas, frustrations, confusion and just want a sense of direction with a step by step plan. Or, you are unsure of what you really want.
Sometimes all the should haves, the why didn’t I, what is stopping me, play in a loop and life’s clutter stops the forward motion to your desires and success. 
You might not want to talk to your family or friends because you feel embarrassed or that you are burdening them or they have their own stuff going on. Maybe you have no-one to talk to about your personal experiences and feelings that are bubbling inside you. 

Whatever you are experiencing is ok and I am here to listen, gently guide and help you.

However, one-off-sessions are not for everyone and only you know if the idea is pleasing. If you are not excited by the idea of a one-session-resolution then it is not for you. 

 Carry on and experience the same old or let shift happen.  

Sometimes just learning you have choices is the most liberating thing imaginable. You are the boss of you and the mechanisms are there waiting to be utilised for you to change your mind and enjoy complete success. But that can be hard if you are trying to do so alone – it is difficult to know who to talk to or who might be able to help you. Family and friends tend to say what they think is best for you to hear rather than the truth. Working with me enables you to clear the emotional clutter and debris to bring about swift, permanent results. You decide what you want; free your mind and design an inner template for you to achieve it with ease and grace. 

♡ Can you change my life?
♡ Why would I pay you to tell me what to do?
♡ Do I need you to tell me what I already know? 

These are all questions I have been asked. Generally, if you are thinking about it, it is probably the right time for you but only you know.  I dislike the word 'therapy' because I think it suggests being broken.

​Using hypnotic techniques combined with coaching ticks all the boxes.

​Here are a few of the modalities that I use:

  • Hypnotherapy/self-hypnosis to give you a tool for life
  • Coaching is a multi-faceted holistic approach to life in general or to work through specific issues or difficulties
  • NLP is neuro linguistic programming. This is a selection of teachable tools that can be practised with or without other disciplines
  • CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy. This is about acknowledging what is happening and doing something different to elicit change. Repeating behaviours creates alternative neural pathways and forms new habits
  • Meditation and mindfulness is being 'in the now' in a calm controlled manner 
  • Stress management helps you notice triggers that may lead to potential flares ~ with pain or life flare ups

Do you have the feeling of being 'stuck' or have the feeling of something missing? Maybe you are unfulfilled or challenged. Maybe you are so stressed you have forgotten how to have a gentle life. Gentle does not equal dull.  

This session is for anyone seeking or wishing for more or different in their life.  I have 30 years experience as a therapist/coach and I would love to help you make changes for you to enjoy life more.

​This is about you. Your needs, your choices, your desires. ​​

Q - Is this different to regular hypnotherapy?
A - My single sessions are bespoke. We go with the flow while maintaining focus.

Q - Will I end up in ‘treatment’ for ages?
A - No. We have a mutual ‘contract’ that we are working together for one session.
Together we will empower you to build your resilience to life; its foibles and challenges. 

Q -  I am being treated for depression, can I still have a session with you?
A - It would be appropriate to contact your primary carer. I have only had positive responses and can write a letter for you.

Pre-session questionnaire
Your session ~ 75 minutes
Post session notes
A hypnotic meditation download
Follow-up emails 

Fee £295

​Get in touch if you have any questions or book your session.

​Q - Why do I need you?
A - Life; whatever, whenever, wherever, we can create your best life. Your sessions might be health related, personal, business, other or a combination. 

Q - Why do you combine hypnotherapy with coaching?
A - The combo ensures we work through whatever is necessary for you to live your best life. 

Q - Where is the session?
A - You will be in a place of comfort and we will 'meet' over Zoom.

Q - What happens in the session?
A - We work with whatever you need at that time. I do not have a policy of one size fits all.

Q - I suffer with anxiety and often have trouble coping. Can you help?
A - I will share techniques to instantly be used and be 'there' for you. 

Q - I live with chronic pain. Can you help?​
A - We can create a plan.

Q - Do I need to inform my doctor? 
A - If you are receiving treatment your doctor must be informed as a matter of courtesy either by you or me.

Q - Do you accept medical insurance payments?
A - If your Primary Carer or Consultant wishes to refer to me it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company. If you wish to self-refer you might be able to claim back your payment. I am happy to supply a paid invoice. 

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