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Chakra Balancing with Reiki Infused Music

Chakra Balancing with Reiki Infused Music

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This is Reiki infused music with an alpha binaural wave embedded in soothing meditation music.

The intention is for chakra balancing.

Our Chakra Balancing Reiki Infusion not only balances your chakras, but also creates a soothing atmosphere with its peaceful binaural alpha wave music. Relax and meditate in a luxurious ambiance with this exclusive infusion, crafted using only the finest sound engineering techniques.

You can imagine chakras turning like wheels through which energies are sometimes seen, sometimes felt or sometimes sensed. They are vortexes through which our life force flows.

When these are understood and interpreted they can be used as indicators of health and well-being while a disturbance of colour, shape or intensity might indicate something negative.

Balanced chakras show general well being of mind, body and spirit and achieving this state is the purpose of this meditation.

Identifying blockages and how they relate to symptoms is the key to making change. All you need to do is be as comfortable as you can and listen to the music. The Reiki will flow to where it is needed.

When we listen to binaural waves (interchangeable with ‘beats’) a different frequency plays in each ear and we magic up an auditory illusion of an extra frequency. 

As our brain processes the difference between the two frequencies, a new frequency known as the binaural beat (wave) forms. 

For example, if a tone of 300 Hz is played in one ear, and a tone of 310 Hz is played in the other ear, the binaural beat that our brain perceives is 10 Hz. This is in the Alpha spectrum - the meditative state.

When you listen to this music you are giving permission to receive the beautiful Reiki energy.

The best results happen when listening with headphones.

The music track is 20 minutes with a gentle fade-out.

Please visit the Reiki Information page to find out more

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