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Reiki Mandalas Colouring Book ~ Printable

Reiki Mandalas Colouring Book ~ Printable

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Discover the perfect way to relax your mind and body with this printable Reiki Mandalas Colouring Book. If you prefer you can use a painting app to colour digitally.

This unique Reiki Infused book, created by Barbara, contains powerful statements and mandalas for you to print and colour: to reduce stress, gain focus, and maybe soothe pain. 

This book has 18 mandalas and 18 statements that can all lead on from, "Just for today." You can print the whole book or just the pages that call to you. 

You will receive this book as a PDF.

Please visit the Reiki Information page to find out more

The printed book on Amazon (localised) is through here 

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